Welcome to the Tips and Hints Page

Moodle is a powerful tool  for any professor or student whether you are using it as part of your face-to-face class or a flipped classroom, a hybrid class, or a fully online course.​

Here are a few of the many tools that can help you successfully use Moodle:

   1. Respondus 4.0 and Test Bank Network - This tool offers several advantages.  Assessment items can be created offline using Windows-based tools. Microsoft Word (a tool used by nearly all faculty) is used to format and author questions. Converts Word documents into Moodle-ready assessment items.

   2. Activities Auto-populate to Gradebook & Online Submission - Create assignments, forums, and quizzes in Moodle that auto-populate to gradebook, allowing more time to focus on content and less time on grade transfer. Create assignments and enable student online submissions for text, quizzes, projects, presentations, and files.

   3. Meta-Corses & Cohorts - Meta-Course allows professors to create and update a single Moodle site for identical sections rather than maintaining multiple Moodle sites. A Cohort allows for you to take groups of classes and put them under one large umbrella class.


  4. ReadSpeaker - ReadSpeaker is a tool on Moodle used to read text out loud to students.

   5. VidGrid - VidGrid specializes in recording, hosting, in video qustions, interactive captions, integrations, and custom video API.

   6. LifeSize Video Conferencing -Lifesize is a video and audio telecommunications company which provides high definition videoconferencing endpoints.

   7. Mahara ePortfolio - is an online tool to document your work both in progress and finished, as well as collaborate with others on pages using groups, and allows for submission of pages as assessment items.

   8. ReadSpeaker - provides lifelike online and offline text-to-speech solutions to make your products and services more engaging.

   9. Yellowdig - is a social learning platform, seeking to engage the community using a broad array of resources including videos, news articles, blogs and more.