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Welcome to the Tips and Hints Page

Moodle is a powerful tool - face-to-face flipped classroom, hybrid class, or a fully online course.​


Explore some of the tools that can help you use Moodle:

   1. Respondus 4.0 and Test Bank Network  (Click the linked title.) 

  • Assessment items can be created offline using Windows-based tools.

  • Converts tests created in Microsoft Word into Moodle-ready assessment items.

   2. Moodle Activities & Online Submissions (Click the linked title.)

  • Create assignments, forums, and quizzes in Moodle auto-populate to gradebook = more time focusing on content and less time on grade transfer.

  • Enable student online submissions for text, quizzes, projects, presentations, and files.

   3. Meta-Corses & Cohorts (Click the linked title.)

  • Allows professors to create and update a single Moodle site for identical sections rather than maintaining multiple Moodle sites.

  • A Cohort allows for you to take groups of classes and put them under one large umbrella class.

  4. ReadSpeaker  (Click the linked title.)

  • A Moodle tool to read text out loud.

   5. Yuja (Click the linked title.)

  • Replaces VidGrid.

  • Specializes in recording, hosting, in-video qustions, interactive captions, integrations, and custom video API.

   6. LifeSize Video Conferencing (Click the linked title.)

  • Replaces Zoom.

  • Video and audio telecommunications providing high definition videoconferencing for classes and meetings.

   7. Mahara ePortfolio (Click the linked title.)

  • Online tool to document your work both in progress and finished.

  • Collaborate with others on pages using groups.

  • Allows for submission of pages as assessment items.

   8. ReadSpeaker  (Click the linked title.)

  • Provides lifelike online and offline text-to-speech solutions to make classes more engaging.

   9. Yellowdig (Click the linked title.)

  • Social learning platform to engage the class community using videos, news articles, blogs and more.

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