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Student Moodle How-To

Grades in Moodle:

How-To Check Grades


Forums in Moodle:

How do I stop recieving email copies of forum posts?

How do I remove a posting from the forum?

  • Moodle allows you 30 minutes after creating a forum posting to either delete or make changes.

  • After that time has expired, you will have to contact your instructor and request to have the posting removed.

General Recommendations:

Moodle App:


Respondus LockDown Browser Exams/Quizzes

New Student Moodle

(Remember to Authenticate your Moodle Account!)

Add Images to Moodle Text Fields

How to Upload an Image into Moodle Dialogue/Text Fields using Atto Editor

Upload Image to Forum

Upload Image to Quiz Response

Upload Image to Assignment

Turnitin Assignment Submissions

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