Instructional Tools for Online Learning

Apps or Online Tools

  • Clips – Apple's fun new video editing app for the iPhone or iPad. With it you can quickly add video, photos, subtitles, effects, title cards, and music and then share it. It is probably already on your device. If not – download it from the app store.

  • FlipGrid – Similar to VidGrid, this site allows you to hear student voice. They can reflect, discuss, and showcase what they are learning. 

  • Post-It Plus –A Post-it app that lets you capture and share notes with students or colleagues.

  • EdPuzzle – Easily create beautiful interactive video lessons for your students that you can integrate right into Moodle. Can track student progress as well. 

  • Screencast – O – Matic – A free and easy to use screen recorder. You can capture any area of your screen with the option to add narration from your mic and video from your webcam.

  • Creately - A free, web-based software for creating interactive graphic organizers - Venn Diagram, Storyboard, Mind Map, Cycle Diagram, Fishbone Diagram, KWL Chart, T Chart, Y Chart and more.

Instructional options 

  • Anticipation Guides - Serve to find out what students know or believe about a subject prior to the learning event, as well as an opportunity to stimulate prior knowledge. It keeps them engaged during the video, and at the end of the activity students process what they have learned and reinforce key concepts.

  • TEDTalk graphic organizer. Students use this form (or your modified version) to complete while watching a TEDTalk.

  • WSQ. Short for Watch, Summarize, and Question. Students use this graphic organizer as they watch an assigned video.

Microsoft Office Online Tools

In addition to Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Office 365 offers other tools that you may find helpful. These Office 365 tools are available to all LCU faculty and students. You can access them by logging in to, or from your Outlook account (top left hand dots).

  • OneNote - A digital notebook that allows you to write notes, draw and annotate documents, record audio notes, insert online videos and files, and share with students. 

  • Forms - Easily create surveys and polls and collect feedback

  • Sway - A digital story-telling app. Create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more.